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About Tech-Assist

At Tech-Assist, we are dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the way individuals and businesses navigate technology. As an emerging provider of application development, project/program management, and solution design we provide comprehensive ideas to help our clients achieve their goals with ease.

With Tech-Assist, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who possess deep expertise in various technology domains. Our experts are well-versed in cloud computing, DevOps practices, software development, solution design, and project/program management methodologies. They are committed to delivering exceptional guidance, support, and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We understand the challenges and complexities that arise when dealing with technology. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. Whether you’re seeking assistance developing an application, managing the cloud, or project/program management, Tech-Assist’s user-friendly design and comprehensive features will simplify your journey.

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of what we do. We believe in working closely with our clients, understanding their requirements, and tailoring our services to meet their unique needs. With Tech-Assist, you can expect open and transparent communication, ensuring that you are always informed and actively involved in the process.

As a company, we are committed to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of technology. We regularly update our knowledge base, embrace emerging tools and methodologies, and adapt to the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and effective solutions, enabling you to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

Tech-Assist is not just a service provider; we strive to become an extension of your team.

Choose Tech-Assist as your trusted partner and experience the ease of working with a dedicated team that is passionate about making technology work for you.

Our Range of Services

In-House Development

Tech-Assist offers in-house development services, where our experienced team works closely with clients to develop customized software solutions tailored to their unique requirements. By leveraging our expertise in various technologies, we ensure that the developed applications meet the highest quality standards and align with clients’ business objectives.

Staff Augmentation:

In addition to in-house development, Tech-Assist provides staff augmentation services to help clients scale their technical teams quickly and efficiently. We have a pool of skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into clients’ existing teams, extending their capabilities and providing valuable expertise for the successful execution of projects.

Implementing in Client Location:

Tech-Assist understands that some projects require close collaboration and on-site presence. In such cases, we offer the option to implement our team members directly at the client’s location. This enables real-time communication, better alignment with the client’s culture and processes, and fosters stronger collaboration between our team and the client’s stakeholders.

Onshore-Offshore Model:

Tech-Assist is well-versed in implementing the onshore-offshore model, which combines the benefits of local presence and cost-effective offshore resources. With this model, our onshore team collaborates closely with clients, providing face-to-face interactions and project management, while our offshore team takes care of the development, testing, and other technical aspects. This approach helps optimize costs without compromising quality.

Our Team


Software Developer/Engineer: Works on designing, developing, and implementing software solutions. They are proficient in various programming languages and frameworks, and their responsibilities include coding, testing, debugging, and maintaining software applications.

Solution Architect: Specializes in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for clients. They assess business requirements, determine the most suitable cloud architecture, and oversee the migration and integration of applications to the cloud. They ensure scalability, security, and optimal performance of cloud environments.

DevOps Engineer: Focuses on streamlining the development and deployment process by implementing DevOps practices. They are responsible for automating workflows, configuring and managing continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and ensuring smooth collaboration between development and operations teams.

Project/Program Manager: Manages and oversees the planning, execution, and delivery of projects/programs. They define project objectives, create project plans, allocate resources, track progress, manage risks, and ensure timely completion within budget and scope. They act as the primary point of contact for clients, ensuring effective communication and stakeholder management.

Business Analyst/Product Owner: Works closely with clients to identify and analyze business requirements and translate them into technical specifications. They collaborate with stakeholders, gather and document requirements, perform gap analysis, and assist in the development of project documentation.

UX/UI Designer: Focuses on creating intuitive and visually appealing user experiences for software applications. They conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, design user interfaces, and ensure usability and accessibility standards are met.

Quality Assurance/Test Engineer: Responsible for testing software applications to ensure they meet quality standards. They develop and execute test plans, identify and report defects, perform regression testing, and collaborate with the development team to resolve issues.


As a Technology Leader with 18 years of experience

I am dedicated to ensuring successful project delivery through effective team collaboration and efficient project management methodologies. If you are looking to improve your project management skills, I can help you develop the necessary competencies to become a successful Technology Project Manager. Through my coaching, you will learn how to effectively lead project teams, plan and manage projects, and mitigate risks to ensure project success. I provide personalized coaching that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and I am committed to helping you achieve your professional objectives. I hold a Master Degrees in Business Administration , and I am committed to ongoing professional development through attending industry conferences, staying current with technology trends, and mentoring team members.
When I am not managing projects, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking and playing with my kids. Contact me today to learn more about my coaching services and how I can help you achieve your Tech project management goals.


Join Us on Your Technology Journey

Partner with Tech-Asst today to leverage technology for your success. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current operations or embark on new technological ventures, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in achieving your technological aspirations.