Product Development at Tech-Asst

Innovating for Tomorrow with AI-Driven Solutions

At Tech-Asst, we are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to enhance and transform various industry sectors. Our products, currently in the alpha and beta stages, are designed to cater specifically to the needs of HR professionals, job seekers, students, and IT support teams.

Our Current Projects:

Recruitment AI

Transform how HR teams and recruiters select candidates with our AI-driven tool that matches resumes to job descriptions precisely. This tool is in the beta stage, where we are actively enhancing its capabilities and adding new features.

Job Search AI

An innovative platform that offers candidates a customized job search experience based on their unique resumes. Currently in alpha, this tool also provides actionable insights to improve resumes and increase interview chances.

Student AI

Aimed at helping students achieve academic excellence, this analytics-based tool predicts scores and provides personalized recommendations and study resources. We are refining its predictive capabilities and user interface in the alpha phase.

IT Support AI

Designed to benchmark and elevate IT support services to industry standards, this tool assists support teams in identifying and implementing the right solutions for common IT issues. Enhancements and additional features are being developed in its beta phase.

Join Us on Our Development Journey


As we refine these tools, we invite feedback and collaboration from users and stakeholders to ensure our solutions meet the highest standards of effectiveness and user-friendliness.

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